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R&R from the rockets suggests resilience of teens

By Gil Zohar | Published January 22, 2009

It took a gaggle of giggling grade 10 girls to prove, yet again, that Israel’s strength lies in its twin trusts.

War Brings Soldiers Closer to Their Judaism

By Stephanie Carmon | Published January 21, 2009

“Welcome. Hashem is With You” reads a spray-painted wooden sign posted at the entrance to the army base at Gaza’s southernmost tip.

Keeping the door open

By Rabbi Avi Berman | Published January 19, 2009

“As powerful as an NCSY Shabbaton can be,” he started, “it can’t compare with what happened in there.” (“In there,” of course, referred to Gaza, which was only yards away.) He told how his unit captured a house in Gaza. Each person was assigned a different location. One soldier, a friend of his, was instructed to sandbag a window.

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Kiryat Gat Girls Take a Break

By Rabbi Avi Berman | Published January 18, 2009

They needed a break. Out of school, under missile fire, our Makom BaLev members in Kiryat Gat needed to get away from it all. So we brought 55 girls from Kiryat Gat to Jerusalem for a breather

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By Rabbi Avi Berman | Published January 08, 2009

I just got off the phone with Rabbi Asaf Azriel, the rabbi of the Kfir Battalion. On Wednesday they had a gathering of the chativa, the battalion, to which he is assigned. The commander of the chativa, Itai, spoke to the men about the operation, giving directions, instructions. What to do, what not to do. Training is over and everything they learned now goes into practice. This is the live thing, the real thing. There are no fake bullets. It is dangerous. We have to stay alert.

Topics: War in Gaza
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