2 September 2014 / 7 Elul 5774
Purim Archive

This Purim We Built a Community.

By Menachem Persoff | Published March 12, 2009

This year, the kids in Sderot gave instead of received. “The kids felt empowered. They were strong enough to help someone else.”

A Letter is Worth...

By Rabbi Avi Berman | Published March 12, 2009

“At one base, a jeep drove up and a soldier said he couldn’t believe we were there. He told his commanding officer and the officer couldn’t believe it either. He had to see it with his own eyes. He asked if we could come to his outpost after and give out mishloach manot to his friends,” explained Stan Hillelsohn, chairman of the OU Israel Commission. “It was supposed to be an early day because we had only arrived in Israel that morning, but we went over there and the soldiers were singing and dancing.”

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