2 September 2014 / 7 Elul 5774


Sunday Study Program:
The program accommodates a large number of women in the Jerusalem area. Classes
which have become particularly popular include a class on Tehillim with Mrs. Rivka
Segal and a class on Haftarot with Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz.

Wednesday Evening Learning:
A unique weekly learning program, hosting acclaimed guest lecturers including, Rabbanit
Yemima Mizrahi, Shira Smiles, Tzipporah Heller and Esther Kitov to discuss a variety of issues.

Thursday Women’s Program:
The Thursday morning program offers top-of the-line lecturers on home maintenance, household budgeting, home economics, cooking and tasting courses.


Rabbanit Yemima Mizrahi:
Our program was privileged to host the esteemed Yemima Mizrahi for an uplifting evening
in the Jerusalem Great Synagogue. There was not an empty seat, and the fascinating English lecture brought together hundreds of Jerusalemite women for a spiritually uplifting evening.

L’Ayla Online:
Over 500 women read L’Ayla’s weekly online magazine. The magazine includes event publication, inspirational video and audio clips from our popular shiurim, and more.

L’Ayla Mission to Israel:
Mrs. Rivka Segal, director of L’Ayla, is in the final stages of preparation to bring a unique delegation of women to Israel. The program will include field trips in Israel with some of the best Israeli tour guides, classes and lectures on Torah and Judaism and meetings with public figures and Israeli leaders.

Meet the Authors:
The inspirational evening with four well known authors was a great success. Tamar Anash, Batya Galant, Yaffa Ganz, and Batya Rudel offered a unique perspective on their books in the OU Israel Center.

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Spiritually uplifting

An amazing program- It was spiritually uplifting, and left me on a high all week!

Mrs. Shira Levy
Retired resident of Jerusalem