2 September 2014 / 7 Elul 5774


Oraita 2012 Program Summary

The Jack Gindi Oraita Clubs are designed to a be a sanctuary from the violent street culture in many Israeli cities and towns. The Oraita is both a safe hangout for teens and a study hall for Jewish values. Equipped with pool tables, video games, ping pong and a modest Beit Midrash, the club is a place to bolster self confidence and strengthen Jewish identity.

Our Mission
The Oraita program seeks to replace violence and vagrancy in Israel’s cities with commitment, values and Jewish identity. We believe that youth in crime-ridden cities deserve a chance for a better future. We believe that with a strong measure of support and encouragement, they can succeed.

The Oraita Model
The Oraita Club’s unique model is designed to provide a relaxed, supportive environment. The staff includes a club director and a Rabbi who offer guidance and support to the youth who frequent the clubs. For many youth, the Oraita is a second home where they spend their leisure time, find acceptance and explore their Jewish heritage.

Values and Heritage
In addition to pool and foosball, evenings at the Oraita include short Torah classes, discussions of moral issues, seminars on violence prevention and financial responsibility. Erev Shabbat dinners and tiyulim promote Jewish identity and strengthen the youth’s connection to their heritage. The youth are encouraged to identify with Jewish values, to take pride in themselves and their communities, and to take responsibility for their future

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Someone to look out for you

The games are great but it’s so nice to know that someone’s looking out for us.

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