Torah Tidbits

3 September 2014 / 8 Elul 5774
Issue 1030
Shabbat Parshat B'Shalach
January 24, 2013

Sedra Stats

B'Shalach Stats

16th of 54 sedras;
4th of 11 in Sh’mot
Written on 215.33 lines in a Torah (17th)
14 parshiot; 9 open, 5 closed
116 p’sukim - ranks 23rd (6th in Sh’mot)
1681 words - ranks 19th (4th in Sh’mot)
6423 letters - ranks 18th (4th in Sh’mot)
Higher ranking for lines is definitely attributed to the format of the SHIRAT HAYAM column

B’SHALACH contains a single mitzva of the 613, the prohibition of leaving one’s Shabbat boundary - T’CHUM SHABBAT (T’chum’s membership in the family of Taryag is disputed, see further)

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