Torah Tidbits

2 September 2014 / 7 Elul 5774
Issue 1029
Shabbat Parshat Bo
January 17, 2013

Sedra Stats

Bo Stats

15th of the 54 sedras;
3rd of 11 in Sh’mot
Written on 205.67 lines in a Torah, 24th
14 parshiot; 8 open, 6 closed
106 p’sukim - ranks 29th (7th in Shmot)
tied with Toldot & Vayigash; but larger than each, otherwise
1655 words - ranks 21st (5th in Shmot)
6149 letters - ranks 20th (6th in Shmot)
Rise in rankings from p’sukim to words & letters is a result of BO’s p’sukim being much longer than average for the Torah (longest in Sh’mot).

BO has 20 mitzvot; 9 pos. 11 prohibitions ending a 18-sedra run of practically no mitzvot. Nitzavim, Vayeilech, Haazinu & V’zot HaB’racha, all of B’reishit, and Sh’mot & Va’eira have a total of 5 mitzvot. The other 36 sedras have the other 608! If we were to classify sedras by mitzva count, there would be 6 sedras in the mitzva-packed category, 11 other sedras in double digits (Bo included), 12 sedras with 3-9 mitzot, 8 sedras with one or two mitzvot, and 17 sedras with no mitzot.

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