Torah Tidbits

1 September 2014 / 6 Elul 5774
Issue 1042
Shabbat Parshat Emor
April 25, 2013

Sedra Stats

Emor stats

31st of 54 sedras;
8th of 10 in Vayikra
Written on 215 lines in a Torah (rank: 20th)
17 parshiyot; 11 open, 6 closed (above avg.)
124 p’sukim, rank: 15th; 1st in Vayikra
Same as Sh’mot, but shorter in words & letters. Very very close in number of lines; but number of parshiyot affects line-count because of the blank spaces between parshiyot.
1614 words, rank: 22nd; 2nd in Vayikra
6106 letters, rank: 23rd; 2nd in Vayikra
Relatively short p’sukim account for its drop in ranking for words and letters

63 of the 613 mitzvot;
24 pos. 39 prohibitions
Only Ki Teitzei (with 74) has more mitzvot than Emor. Only K’doshim and Ki Teitzei are more mitzva-dense. Emor has more than one mitzva per two p’sukim, five times the Torah’s average.

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