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29 August 2014 / 3 Elul 5774
Issue 1029
Shabbat Parshat Bo
January 17, 2013

Parsha Points to Ponder

Parsha Points to Ponder

1) Why does G-D wait for the plague of locusts to explain that the Jews will tell their children and grandchildren about the plagues (10:2)?
2) Why does Moshe say that the mitzva of Korban Pesach applies only once the Jews enter the land of Israel (12:25) when we know that the Jews observed it in the desert?
3) Why does the Torah anticipate the question WHAT IS THIS SERVICE specifically about the Korban Pesach (12:26) and not any other sacrifices?

Parsha Points to Ponder by Rabbi Dov Lipman
Rabbi Lipman is an educator, author, and community activist in Bet Shemesh -

Ponder the questions first, then see further

1) The Kli Yakar answers that after each plague ended, there was no remnant of the plague in the world and nothing to pique the interest of the children regarding the plagues. The children would ask why locusts returned to all the areas around Egypt but never to Egypt and this question would provide the opportunity to talk to the children about all of the plagues along with an explanation that G-D promised that such locusts would not return to Egypt.
2) The Ohr HaChayim teaches that G-D wanted it to be clear that the original plan was for the Jews to enter the land of Israel immediately and it was only their sins which led to the need to observe Pesach in the desert.
3) The S’forno explains that this sacrifice is the only one offered on a non-holiday (Erev Pesach) and not during the times of the daily offerings. [and the only sacrificial meat not eaten in the daytime - ed] Thus, the children would ask what this is all about.

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