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1 September 2014 / 6 Elul 5774
Issue 1053
Shabbat Parshat Va’etchanan - Nachamu
July 18, 2013

Parsha Points to Ponder

Parsha Points to Ponder by Rabbi Dov Lipman - Va’etchanan

1) Why does Moshe say that he wants to pass into Israel AND I WILL SEE THE LAND (3:25). Isn’t it obvious that if he went into the land that he will see it?
2) Why does the Torah command not to take away from the mitzvot of the Torah - LO TIGRIU MIMENU (4:2)? Isn’t it obvious that it would be a sin to not fulfill commandments in the Torah?
3) The Hagada describes the four sons and is critical of the wicked sons who asks WHAT IS THIS SERVICE TO YOU? This week’s parsha includes the question of the wise son and he also says WHAT ARE THESE LAWS WHICH G-D HAS COMMANDED YOU (6:20)? He also says YOU and is not inclusive of himself so how is this different from the wicked son’s question?

Parsha Points to Ponder by Rabbi Dov Lipman, MK - Rabbi Lipman is Chaver Knesset, (Yesh Atid), an educator, author .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Ponder the questions first, then see below

1) The Ohr HaChayim answers that Moshe is emphasizing that his role won’t be to rule or to build a Beit HaMikdash, roles which G-D does not want him to play for a variety of reasons. His love for Israel was such that he just wanted to be there and experience it.
2) The Kli Yakar explains that the the command not to deduct from the mitzvot serves as an explanation for the words right before this, that one cannot add on to the commands of the Torah.  One should not add on to the Torah because doing so will actually create a burden on people which will lead to less mitzvot being observed.
3) The Daat Zekainim MiBaalei HaTosfot teach that the wise son is saying which G-D HAS COMMANDED YOU meaning at Sinai where he was not present. But the very act of attributing the laws to G-D clearly indicates that he sees their Divine nature which make them binding on all Jews including himself.

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