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20 August 2014 / 24 Av 5774
Issue 1001
Parshat Bamidbar
May 26, 2012

TTriddles "Report"


are Torah Tidbits-style riddles on Parshat HaShavua (sometimes on the calendar). They are found in the hard-copy of TT scattered throughout, usually at the bottom of different columns. In the electronic versions of TT, they are found all together at the end of the ParshaPix-TTriddles section. The best solution set submitted each week (there isn’t always a best) wins a double prize a CD from Noam Productions and/or a gift (game, puzzle, book, etc.) from Big Deal

Last issue’s (B’HAR) TTriddles: (from TT #999)
[1] Relation linking Torah & Haftara
In speaking about redeeming land that was sold during a Yovel cycle, there is reference to cousins (BEN DOD) in both the sedra (B’har) and the haftara from Yirmiyahu.
[2] Sh’mita and Har Sinai and the slowest ketchup in the west?
Sh’mita and Har Sinai open the sedra of B’har. B’har has 57 p’sukim. Heinz ketchup is one of the 57 varieties of the company - as the label of any Heinz product declares. Just for your trivia information (JFYTI), Heinz 57, short for 57 varieties, was first used by the company back in 1896. Four years earlier, they already had 60 varieties, but they stuck with 57 based on a combination of the owners’ lucky numbers and marketing strategy. Today, they have over 5700 varieties. H.J. Heinz company was started in 1869 with bottled horseradish. Their ketchup came out in 1876. It is, by far, there most well-known product - sold in 140 countries around the world. They currently sell 650 million bottles and 11 billion single-serving packets a year.
[3] Juan Marichal x Casey Stengel
Marichal wore #27 and Stengel wore #37. Multiply those two numbers together and you get 999, as in TT #999.
[4] year, cow, nanny, ewe lamb, rump, and what?
The word T’MIMA (whole, complete) is used in Tanach for the items mentioned in the presentation of the TTriddle - SHANA T’MIMA, a complete year, is the reference from B’har. And what? TORAT HASHEM T’MIMA.
[5] Pitcher in grain of light
Pitcher is a KAD, KAF-DALET = 24. Grain is DAGAN, DALET-GIMEL- NUN = 57. Light is OHR, ALEF-VAV- REISH = 207. The TTriddle refers to the 24 mitzvot contained in the 57 p’sukim of Parshat B’HAR, the gimatriya of B’HAR being 207.
[6] Unexplaineds from the ParshaPix
In the lower-right corner (actually, you have to rotate the B’HAR ParshaPix clockwise, in which case, the picture will be in the lower-left) is a photo of the inside of the Gerard BEHAR theater. Even though in Hebrew, the theater’s name is spelled with a CHET, in English, its name matches the name of the sedra.
A silver coin (US silver dollar) is being weighed on a scale. This corresponds to the phrase in the haftara, VA-ESHKOL HAKESEF B’MOZNAYIM, and I will weigh the silver in/on a scale.

Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
For B’HAR:
The HAR referred to in B’HAR is, of course, HAR SINAI. Name 10 other mountains mentioned in the Torah (or as many as you can)
In B’reishit, we find reference to four mountains: HAR’REI ARARAT (rest- ing place of the TEIVA), HAR HAKEDEM (dwelling place of many descendants of Sheim), HAR HAGILAD (where Lavan and Yaakov made a covenant), HAR SEI’IR (given to Eisav). In Sh’mot and Vayikra, the only mountain referred to is SINAI. In Bamidbar, we also find HOR HAHAR (where Aharon is buried) and HAR SHEFER (on of the places of encampment on Israel’s journey from Egypt to Eretz Yisrael. In D’varim we find HAR HA-EMORI, HAR G’RIZIM and HAR EIVAL, and HAR PARAN (mentioned in V’zot HaB’racha).
Here’s one more: HAR CHERMON (with a few other names).

This week’s TTriddles:
[1] Initially, a confused eye
[2] 30, 105, 385, ____
[3] Brother, dear friend, son of my father, cousins, beer, Spain, the dawn, benching
[4] First degree halfway through the saloon
[5] 2 with one mother each, 2 with 2 mothers each
[6] He saved Yirmiyahu
[7] It’s an open miracle!
[8] One thousand five hundred five

Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
What tribal NASI shares a name with a NASI from the time of the second Beit HaMikdash?
Who in the sedra are designated as B’CHOR?
Taken from a new book: Rabbi Atik’s Torah Teasers by Rabbi Moshe Erlbaum - keyword Torah Teasers

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