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30 August 2014 / 4 Elul 5774
Issue 1024
Shabbat Parshat Vayeishev
December 06, 2012

TTriddles "Report"


are Torah Tidbits-style riddles on Parshat HaShavua (sometimes on the calendar). They are found in the hard-copy of TT scattered throughout, usually at the bottom of different columns. In the electronic versions of TT, they are found all together at the end of the ParshaPix-TTriddles section. The best solution set submitted each week (there isn’t always a best) wins a double prize a CD from Noam Productions and/or a gift (game, puzzle, book, etc.) from Big Deal

Previous (Vayishlach) TTriddles:

[1] Yaakov was alone, but then the ISH arrived at the scene
10-23 in police ten code means arrived at the scene.
[2] Yaakov and Yeshayahu asked it once each; David HaMelech asked it 19 times!
Yaakov Avinu asks G-d to save him from his brother Eisav. he says HATZILEINI. The word occurs once in Yeshayahu and 19 times in T’hilim.
[3] The messengers asked if Gad was at home
One way you can ask is to say, IS GAD IN? IZGADIN is the Targum Onkeles for MALACHIM. Rashi says that Yaakov sent actual angels, but Onkeles renders the word as IZGADIN, which means (human) runners.

[4] And camels make it 9 in a row
B’reishit 32:15 lists most of the animals and their numbers, that made up the gift of appeasement to Eisav. The pasuk has eight words, all of which end in a MEM SOFIT. The first word of the following pasuk extends the streak to nine. The word is G’MALIM, camels.
[5] Eisav asked, “Who are these?” Who else asked the same?
Eisav was asking Yaakov about his wives and children. MI EILEH? The other person who asked the same question? Yaakov Avinu, who asked Yosef about his two sons.
[6] for in Braille, Krillin, and what?
The word ‘for’ in Braille is all six of the dots in the 2 wide by 3 tall array of dots that make up the standard Braille alphabet. Included are some shortcuts for common words. For is the six dots one. Krillin is a fictional character within the Dragon Ball manga and anime series… As you might be able to see in the picture of Krillin, he has 6 dots on his forehead. And what? The face of a standard die with the largest number of dots. Many domino pieces have 6 dots. And the word VAYISHAKEIHU, and Eisav kissed Yaakov. But what kind of kiss was it?
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
Jews have a reputation for answering a question with a question. Who did that in the sedra?
Yaakov asked the ISH with whom he was fighting, what is your name? His answer was a question - Why do you ask about my name? Later, when Yaakov berates Shimon and Levi for what they did, they answer with a question - Should he treat our sister as a zonah?
Whose names in the sedra are the names of animals? Who else in the Torah? Who else in the rest of Tanach?
In the sedra - CHAMOR (donkey) father of Sh’chem, DEVORA (bee) nursemaid of Rivka, RACHEL (ewe). Elsewhere in the Torah - TZIPORA and TZIPOR (bird) wife of Moshe and father of Balak. In Nach - YAEL, ZE’EV, OREIV, NACHASH haamoni, YONA, CHULDA, TZ’VIYA.
Math Question in honor of TT #1023.
What do 30, 42, 66, 357, 897, 1045, and 1102 have in common with 1023?
The number 1023 factors into 3 x 11 X 31. It is one of an infinite set of numbers that have exactly three distinct prime factors. 30 is the smallest member of that set. It is 2 x 3 x 5. All the other numbers in the presentation of the question have exactly three distinct prime factors. (12 has 3 prime factors, but not distinct)

This week’s TTriddles: (parsha and Chanukah)
[1] Duck in vineyard of Eliezer
[2] Yaakov sends Yosef to check on his shepherd bothers.
Yosef completes the assignment.
[3] This can be on first two days only
[4] The states whose capitals are Albany, Atlanta, Honolulu, and Harrisburg (or Columbia)
[5] 7/14, 31/70, 72/178.5, 15/31 (50/119). The solution to this Chanu-TTriddle is elementary
[6] Although wine is more associated with Purim, there is a connection between wine’s bracha and Chanuka
[7] Was the fourth stanza included because of the poet
[8] The Torah’s tellers
[9] To her the gold, sort of
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
For VAYEISHEV: Who else wore a K’TONET PASIM?
Name two places mentioned in the sedra and nowhere else in Tanach.
VAYMA-EIN, and he refused.
Who and what?
Taken from a new book: Rabbi Atik’s Torah Teasers by Rabbi Moshe Erlbaum keyword Torah Teasers
Dreidel irony: PEI = pay and SHIN = shaleim


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