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3 September 2014 / 8 Elul 5774
Issue 1027
Shabbat Parshat Vaychi
December 27, 2012

TTriddles "Report"


are Torah Tidbits-style riddles on Parshat HaShavua (sometimes on the calendar). They are found in the hard-copy of TT scattered throughout, usually at the bottom of different columns. In the electronic versions of TT, they are found all together at the end of the ParshaPix-TTriddles section. The best solution set submitted each week (there isn’t always a best) wins a double prize a CD from Noam Productions and/or a gift (game, puzzle, book, etc.) from Big Deal

Previous (Vayigash) TTriddles:
[1] Who (singular) approached whom (or what) in the Torah?
This TTriddle is asking about the word VAYIGASH. In Vayeira, Avraham approaches G-d (so to speak) to plead for S’dom et al. In Toldot, Yaakov approaches Yitzchak after Yitzchak asked him to approach so he (blind Yitzchak) could feel Yaakov to determine if he was who he said he was. And then again, so that Yitzchak could kiss him. In Vayeitzei, Yaakov approaches the well with the rock over its mouth, which he deftly removes so that the sheep can be watered. And, of course, in Vayigash, Yehuda approaches Yosef to plead for Binyamin. There are other grammatical forms related to the word, but this TTriddle was for VAYIGASH specifically.
[2] Like father, like son - Carlebach
VAYIVATEIR… L’VADO, and he was left alone. Occurs only twice in Torah. Yaakov was alone when he went back for the small flasks left on the other side of the Yabok. That’s when he was attacked by the guardian angel of Eisav. In Vayigash, Yehuda pleads for Binyamin by saying that he is alone to his father, after Yosef’s “disappearance”. Shlomo Carlebach is part of the TTriddle because of his well-known song, VAYIVATEIR YAAKOV L’VADO.
[3] One more than a fortnight ago
This week’s sedra (last week’s when you are reading this) is VAYIGASH. Gimatriya = 6+10+3+ 300 = 319. A fortnight is 2 weeks. Two weeks earlier was VAYEISHEV, gimatriya = 312. Furthermore, because of the number mistake of the Vayigash TT, it was only one more than two week’s earlier.
[4] One quadrillionth of a second in this dream of all her vows
A quadrillion is a one with a15 zeroes - 1,000,000,000,000,000. One quadrillionth of a second (a very short period of time) is called a femtosecond. Its symbol is fs. EFES in Hebrew is zero, as in no mitzvot in - this dream is HACHALOM HAZEH = 5+8+30+6+40 + 5+7+5 = 106 p’sukim of - KOL NEDAREHA = 20+30 (50) + 50+4+200+10+5 (269) = 319, the gimatriya of VAYIGASH.
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
What are the fives in the sedra?
Yosef gave Binyamin 5 changes of clothes. Yosef told his brothers that there were 5 more years of famine expected. Yosef chose 5 of his brothers to present to Par’o.
Who gave whom ATONOT? Who rode an ATON? Who looked for lost ATONOT? What is an ATON called in English (one word answer)?
Avraham received ATONOT, among other things, from Par’o because of Sara. Included in Yaakov’s gifts to Eisav were 20 ATONOT. Yosef send 10 ATONOT laden with food to Yaakov. Bil’am rode an ATON. KISH sent his son SHAUL (the future king) to look for his lost ATONOT. An ATON is a female donkey. It is called a Jenny.

This week’s TTriddles:
[1] In the 6th and thrice at the end
[2] Term for the set (in Mikeitz) and subset (in Vaychi)
[3] Are Angels and Bermans from this tribe?
[4] His 2nd name would be Jack if his father’s weren’t Yaakov
[5] 4, 13, 38, 87, 208, 377, 666… what’s the next number?
[6] Avraham-Eliezer, Yaakov-Yosef
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
Yaakov places his hands on the heads of Efrayim and Menashe - where else in the Torah does someone place hands on someone else’s head?
List the animals named in Yaakov’s blessings to his sons.
Taken from a new book: Rabbi Atik’s Torah Teasers by Rabbi Moshe Erlbaum keyword Torah Teasers

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