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23 August 2014 / 27 Av 5774
Issue 1030
Shabbat Parshat B'Shalach
January 24, 2013

TTriddles "Report"


are Torah Tidbits-style riddles on Parshat HaShavua (sometimes on the calendar). They are found in the hard-copy of TT scattered throughout, usually at the bottom of different columns. In the electronic versions of TT, they are found all together at the end of the ParshaPix-TTriddles section. The best solution set submitted each week (there isn’t always a best) wins a double prize a CD from Noam Productions and/or a gift (game, puzzle, book, etc.) from Big Deal

Previous (Bo) TTriddles:
[1] We hope that Torah Tidbits Audio is not guilty of this
Another Police Ten-codes TTriddle. 10-30 is unnecessary or improper use of the radio. Torah Tidbits Audio is a weekly broadcast - for the past 15 years, originally broadcast on Arutz 7 and continuing on Israel National Radio (Arutz 7’s internet radio) and OURadio ( Also, downloadable from - we certainly hope that TTA constitutes proper and even necessary use of the internet radio.
[2] What month is a good counterpart for this week’s sedra?
The month of AV. ALEF-BET being the counterpart of BET-ALEF, Parshat Bo.
[3] She see, oh so sigh
Personal: There are two guys in my shul who tease me about my Ashkenazic Torah reading at Mincha Gedola on Shabbat. Their favorite phrase to pick on is in the first pasuk of Bo - specifically, the words SHITI OTOTAI, which I read as SHISI OSOSAI - she see, oh so sigh. Even with out the personal anecdote, the words of the TTriddle should have been understood.
[4] These are highest or lowest what? B’reishit, Vaychi, Sh’mot, Bo, Tzav, Tazri’a… you finish the list.
This TTriddle challenge is based on the gimatriya of the names of the sedras. B’reishit has the highest gimatriya in the book of B’reishit, and Vaychi has the smallest. Sh’mot has the largest in its book and Bo is the smallest. B’reishit is the largest in the whole Torah, as Bo is the smallest in the Torah. In Vayikra, Tazri’a is the largest and Tzav is the smallest. Besides figuring this out, you were asked to finish the list: B’haalot’cha and Balak in Bamidbar, and V’zot HaB’racha and Vayeilech in D’varim complete the list of largest and smallest sedra-name-gimatriyas in each of the 5 books.
[5] Were the Egyptians parselmouths?
This was a TTriddle for Harry Potter fans (and anyone else who took the trouble to Google the word. Parselmouths are people who can speak and understand the language of snakes. In the haftara for Bo, we find, in reference to Egypt, KOLAH K’NACHASH YEILEICH… “Her sound is like that of a serpent on the move…” referring to the army of Egypt. More literally, her (Egypt’s) voice is like a snake’s… Parselmouths.
[6] “New” MazalPic
H(S)M disapproved of the BUCK (male deer) + KIT (young fox) = BUCKET = D’LI (Aquarius) for the mazal of Sh’vat, so we switched to a BUCK ($1 bill) and a sewing KIT for the same idea. In past years we’ve had the likes of Jack and Jill (Water bearers) and the MOVIL ARTZI, Israel’s national water carrier, among other things. Like it or not, we’re staying with BUCK+KIT.
[7] Ever wonder why we wish you a Good Shabbat in Aramaic?
For several weeks now, we’ve had the Aramaic words SHABATA TAVA (or however you are supposed to pronounce it.), which means GOOD SHABBAT. We could have gone with SHABBAT SHALOM, but the current choice is on purpose. Keep wondering… or figure it out.
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
For BO: We know of the association of the number 18 with the mitzva of matza - the 18 minute rule. In what way is the number 21 associated with matza?
The Torah mentions that matza is to be eaten from the 15th of the month (of Nissan) until the 21st. The is noteworthy (or at least TTriddle- worthy) as it is Rabbi Atik z"l worthy, since the chagim in the Torah are usually given with a date for the first day and a number of days for the chag. This might be the only dated end-day for a chag.
Which plague-names from Va’eira are mentioned in Bo?
BARAD is mentioned in the context of the locust, ARBEH, destroying everything that survived the hail. DAM, blood, is mentioned, albeit not in reference to the first plague. But the question only asked about plague-names, which BLOOD is. In Bo, the reference is to the smearing of the blood of the Korban Pesach on the doorposts and lintel of one’s home.

This week’s TTriddles:
[1] Song on a 45 in the 1000 of Herzliya
[2] If typos are crimes, then we are this not just this week
[3] back 8 and forward 21
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
What nations besides Israel and Egypt are mentioned in the Song of the Sea?
5 words in the sedra that begin with the same letter. Where do we find a streak of 6 with the same letter.
Taken from a new book: Rabbi Atik’s Torah Teasers by Rabbi Moshe Erlbaum keyword Torah Teasers

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