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23 August 2014 / 27 Av 5774
Issue 1056
Shabbat Parshat Shoftim
August 08, 2013

TTriddles "Report"


[1] Nothing much, what’s wildebeest with you? Large African antelope - kosher - two species, black and blue (not a TTr)
As stated, this was not a TTriddle. It was a little filler for the sedra that tell us what animals we can and cannot eat. Even though we had almost the same material back in Sh’mini, in R’ei we also have names of kosher CHAYOT (non-domesticated animals). The wildebeest is also known as the gnu - hence, the play on “What’s gnu with you”. Although the wildebeest is identified as an antelope - which would make it a CHAYA, it is currently considered in doubt as to whether it is in the cow family, making it a B’HEIMA or an antelope. It is definitely kosher, and therefore, if and when shechted, it would require the strict treatment of both CHAYA and B’HEIMA. E.g. it would require KISUI DAM (covering the first blood - but without a b’racha) as a possible CHAYA, and it’s CHEILEV would be forbidden, as a possible B’HEIMA. (And it probably means that we cannot use the horn of a gnu as a Shofar.)
[2] At sunrise, with cup in hand, the president rode the airport sherut with a Belz woman
This is most definitely a TTriddle. It refers to 5 of the non-kosher birds named in the sedra. Sunrise is Z’RICHA or HANEITZ. Most people refer to it as NEITZ, considering the HEI as a HEI HAY’DI’A (the), which it isn’t. But for this TTriddle, we’ll use NEITZ as people call sunrise, for bird number one. Cup is KOS, another bird on the list. The president of Israel is Shimon Peres - PERES is another bird on the list. The company that runs the taxi service to the airport is NESHER. And a Belz woman would be a CHASIDA.
[3] A split of 8000 amot? How big is the cow?
MAFRESET PARSA is a split hoof, as in one of the two signs of a kosher mammal. PARSA is also a land measure equal to 8000 amot, something like 4 kilometers. If a cow’s hoof is split that far apart, it must be a cow of astronomic proportions.
[4] In the garden of a hotel of king and nation
In the garden = BAGAN = 2+3+50 = 55 mitzvot in the sedra.
a hotel = MALON = 40+30+6+50=126 p’sukim in the sedra.
king and nation = MELECH VA’AM = 40+30+20 (90) + 6+70+40 (116) = 206.
R’EI = 200+1+6 = 206.
[5] B’reishit 0, Vayishlach 15, Yitro 1, R’ei 10, Nitzavim 4 - Huh?
This was fun. How many other sedras have the name of a particular sedra? B’reishit = 0. There are no other sedras besides B’reishit itself that contain the word B’reishit. There are 15 other sedras that have the word VAYISHLACH. Etc. R’EI is a 10.
[6] MazalPic for Elul
The Ivanovskaya Tower is one of the towers of a fortress in the city of Tula. The fortress is called the Tula Kremlin and the city currently has a population of about a half a million people. The city is located less than 200km south of Moscow. Instead of using the English word ‘in’, we will use the Hebrew prefix BET. We now can say that the Ivanovskaya Tower is B’TULA, which is the Mazal of Elul, Virgo.
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
For Rei
What laws in the sedra involve the number 7?
Sh’mita is 7 years. Pesach is 7 days. Sukkot is 7 days. An Eved Ivri works for six years and goes free in the 7th year. All mentioned in R’ei.

This week’s TTriddles:
[1] Previews - Va’eira: 7 words. Bamidbar: 4 words (actually, 5). Shoftim: 5 words.
[2] A ram in one dream of exile
[3] Sedra’s equivalent of Big Game
[4] 405/406 write/read
[5] Eyes at the top and an eye in the middle
[6] 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010 010…
Rabbi Atik z"l used to ask…
For Shoftim: What is biblically unique about Shoftim?
In what Torah issues are yesterday and the day before involved?
Taken from a new book: Rabbi Atik’s Torah Teasers by Rabbi Moshe Erlbaum keyword Torah Teasers
New TT feature (feedback, please)  - See if you can remember the 6 AREI MIKLAT (cities of refuge)

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