Torah Tidbits

23 August 2014 / 27 Av 5774
Issue 1053
Shabbat Parshat Va’etchanan - Nachamu
July 18, 2013

Sedra Stats

Va'etchanan stats

45th of 54 sedras;
2nd of 11 in D’varim
Written on 249 lines in a Torah, rank: 7th
21 parshiyot; 5 open, 16 closed,
7th (tied with Ki Tavo)
122 p’sukim - rank: 17th (2nd in D’varim)
same as Vayak’hel & Ki Tavo - but larger
1878 words; rank: 10th (2nd in D’varim)
7343 letters; rank: 10th (2nd in D’varim)
Va’etchanan’s p’sukim are longer than average, hence the jump in rank from 17th for p’sukim to 10th for words

12 of 613 mitzvot: 8 pos., 4 prohibitions
and many more that are counted elsewhere - this is so for several sedras, but it really shows for Va’etchanan (e.g. Aseret HaDibrot has 14 mitzvot counted in Yitro, repeated here but not counted)

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