Torah Tidbits

27 August 2014 / 1 Elul 5774
Issue 1023
Shabbat Parshat Vayishlach
November 29, 2012

Sedra Stats

Vayishlach Stats

8th of 54 sedras;
8th of 12 in B’reishit
Written on 237 lines in a Torah; rank 11th
9 Parshi’ot - 6 P’tuchot; 3 S’tumot
153 p’sukim - 4th (1st in B’reishit), same number as No’ach, but more words and letters
1976 words - 6th (4th in B’reishit)
7458 letters - 6th (4th in B’reishit)
The drop in rank for words and letters is because its p’sukim are well below average in number of words and letters (but not as low as No’ach). In other words, Vayishlach has many - but relatively short p’sukim

There is one mitzva counted in Vayishlach, one of three mitzvot in the book of B’reishit. The only prohibition of the Torah’s 365 in B’reishit.

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