Torah Tidbits

3 September 2014 / 8 Elul 5774
Issue 1023
Shabbat Parshat Vayishlach
November 29, 2012

Word of the Month

Word of the Month

For your calendrical knowledge: Most of the dates in the fixed Jewish Calendar have 4 days a week they can fall on and 3 that they cannot. This is all related to the LO ADU ROSH rule, and 295 of the 385 possible dates conform to one of the seven variations of LO ADU. Because of the variability of 30 Marcheshvan, the days of Kislev (1st thru 29th) can fall on any of 6 days of the week and have only one day each that they cannot fall on. First day of Chanuka, for example, can be Su, M. W. Th, F, Sh - not Tue
The first Chanuka candle is Motza’Sh. The last time that happened was 20 years ago (1992/5753), following TT 31. (Before that? 5749 & 5746)

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