Torah Tidbits

29 August 2014 / 3 Elul 5774
Issue 1027
Shabbat Parshat Vaychi
December 27, 2012

Word of the Month

Word of the Month

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17 Tevet: 208th yahrzeit of R’ Yaakov b. Zev Kranz, the Dubner Magid. Asked how he came up with such perfect parables, he said: Once I was walking in the forest, and saw tree after tree with a target drawn on it, and at the center of each target an arrow. I then came upon a little boy with a bow in his hand. “Are you the one who shot all these arrows”, I asked. “Yes!” he replied. “Then how did you always hit the center of the target?” I asked. “Simple”, said the boy, “first I shoot the arrow, then I draw the target”.

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