Torah Tidbits

1 September 2014 / 6 Elul 5774
Issue 1030
Shabbat Parshat B'Shalach
January 24, 2013

Word of the Month

Word of the Month

Last opportunity for Kiddush L’vana this month is Motza’ei Shabbat Parshat B’shalach, January 26th, until
10:55pm. This time is half the time between one molad and the next, added to the molad of the month. The molad of Sh’vat was Shabbat morning 4:33am. 14 days, 18 hours 22 minutes later is the deadline - 10:55pm. Note that this time is correct for Israel and must be adjusted for other locales. For example, in NYC, the last op is 3:55pm on Shabbat - meaning that Friday night is the last op. So too for anywhere else.

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