Torah Tidbits

31 August 2014 / 5 Elul 5774
Issue 1020
Shabbat Parshat Chayei Sara
November 08, 2012

ParshaPix Explanations

Parsha Pix

Upper-left: 400 silver pieces that Avraham handed over to…
EFRON (pencil = IPARON, heteronym of EFRON)
Pencil sharpener is a M’CHADEID, to sharpen = L’CHADEID, one of Yishmael’s sons, CHADAD
V’LIVKOTAH is written with a small KAF - a small kaf (spoon)
G-d blessed Avraham BAKOL. One opinion is that this blessing included a precious gem that had miraculous curative powers
Speech-bubble with a chain in it, standing for VAYOMAR, and he (Eliezer) said, which is read with the SHALSHELET (chain) note
BARUCH HASHEM was said by Eliezer (Others in Chumash who said B"H are No’ach and Yitro. Lavan got close, with B’RUCH HASHEM. So did Avimelech to Yitzchak)
One of the gold rings Eliezer gave to Rivka
The Xed out turkey platter is Eliezer’s refusal to eat before he had completed “business”
Good thing, too, because Lavan had poisoned the food (poison symbol)
CHUPA is for Yitzchak’s marriage to Rivka (also Avraham’s to Ketura)
Gift for Rivka and her family, as well as the gifts Avraham gave to the children of Ketura - and play-on-words, gift is a MINCHA, the davening of which is attributed to Yitzchak, end of the sedra
The word TEREM appears eight times in the Torah, twice in Chayei Sara. That’s the logo of Terem
Above the Terem logo is the logo of MASA, an Israeli non-profit organization that enables thousands of Jewish youth to spend a semester or a year in Israel in any of over 160 programs, helping them build a life-long relationship with Israel and a firm commitment to Jewish life. MASA is also one of the sons of Yishmael. Different spelling, but very close in sound
NEVIOT water is for the sound-alike of the first born of Yishma’el
Another son of Yishmael was KEIDAR, spelled the same and sounding similar to KADAR, which is a potter - Harry Potter
The army insignia (near the Terem logo) is a chevron. Pronounce the CH as in Chanuka - Chevron.
There are two dots forming a SH’VA - this is a sound-alike for a grandson of Avraham’s via Ketura
L and a kite. Kite is also a raptor (preditory bird) in the same biological family as eagles and hawks. Kite in Hebrew is probably the DA’A, listed as a non-kosher bird. ELDA’A was a son of MIDYAN, born to KETURA from Avraham
The animals are mentioned in the haftara - In modern Hebrew, a M’RI is a buffalo (bison? or maybe water buffalo). Likely that the haftara is referring to a different member of the bovine family or a description of a bull or cow.
The question-marked chair is from the haftara - who will sit on David’s throne after his death?
The arrow is from CHAVILA to SHOR
The badge is Agent 99’s of Control. She was a SOCHENET, a term describing Avishag in the haftara
Top-right is Charlie the tuna - he stands for Y’TUR NAFISH whose name sounds like “your tuna fish”
Lower-right is Me’arat HaMachpeila
Above it are the 400 shekels that Avraham paid to Efron for the field and the cave and surroundings
Water with an eye is EIN HAMAYIM
L’TUSHIM (markers)
Lauren Bacall = BAKOL
Willie’s number 24 is for KAD, pitcher (he wasn’t, but his Catch was over the shoulder, where Rivka carried her KAD)
upper-right, rectangle filled with white for LAVAN
and two unexplaineds

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