Torah Tidbits

1 September 2014 / 6 Elul 5774
Issue 1024
Shabbat Parshat Vayeishev
December 06, 2012

ParshaPix Explanations

Parsha Pix

Lower-left is the Davka Graphic of Yosef’s dreams. Davka has a great collection of Judaica graphics. Its word processor DavkaWriter is what Torah Tidbits are made with, and its Graphics collections are frequently tapped for ParshaPix duty
There was no water in the pit into which the brothers threw Yosef, but there were snakes and scorpions, one each of which is in the PP
The animals you see in the PP are the sheep, as in the sheep that were being tended by Yosef’s brothers when he was sent by Yaakov to inquire about their well-being…
The camel represents the passing caravans…
and the goat is, of course, for the goat that the brothers slaughtered to cover-up their terrible deed. It also represents the goat that Yehuda sent to Tamar. Note well that the main animal that is used in the Beit HaMikdash as a CHATAT, a sin offering, is the goat. Communal chatat as well as individual chatat. This includes the two identical goats upon which lots were drawn on Yom Kippur. Yaakov’s roles as deceiver (of Yitzchak) and deceivee (by his sons) are both associated with a goat
Speaking of Yehuda, we have the staff (close, it’s a cane)
the seal (play on words)
and the hooded coat, which is close to the meaning of p’tilecha, that Yehuda gave to Tamar as security for the future payment of the goat
Wine and bread represent the Wine Steward and the Baker, whose dreams were similar, but their interpretations and results were so different
The snow flake: Twice, once after the brothers saw that Yaakov loved Yosef the most, and once after he told them his dream, the Torah tells us, VAYOSIFU OD SNOW OTO, and they further hated him. (These happen to be the only SNOWs in Tanach. Shoftim 15:2 is close)
The birthday cake is for Par’o (end of the sedra)
The insignia below the cake is that of the Israel Prison Service. The one who wears this insignia can represent SAR BEIT HASOHAR
Butcher in the upper-right stands for the SAR HATABACHIM
Below the seal is the symbol for Gemini, the Twins. They represent Peretz and Zerach
The dreidels and Chanuka gelt at the top of the ParshaPix is just a reminder of the fast- approaching festival of lights. Don’t miss the Chanuka Pull-Out section in this week’s TT
The wrinkly brown thing above the bird is a date, in Hebrew - TAMAR, as in daughter-in-law of Yehuda… and mother of Peretz and Zerach
Speaking of whom… The fellow in the upper-right corner is Y.L. Peretz - Yitskhok Leybush Peretz, one of the great Yiddish-language authors and playwrights. He might have been a Maskil, but he wrote “If not higher”, a truly inspiring short story
Below Peretz are two photos of Rabbi Dr. Zerach Warhaftig, a lawyer and politician, one of the signatories of Israel’s Declaration of Independence ... was elected to the first Knesset as part of the United Religious Front, an alliance between Mizrachi, Hapoel HaMizrachi, Agudat Israel and Poalei Aguda (imagine that! A bit of unity)
Top center is a picture of Rabbi Yaakov Yosef (because of EILEH TO-L’DOT YAAKOV, YOSEF…), the first, and really the only one to hold the position of Chief Rabbi of New York. His funeral was the largest New York City had ever seen up until that point. RJJ is named for him. Google him - very interesting
The roaring lion (lower-right) is from the haftara
as is the Shofar
as is the bird.

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