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2 September 2014 / 7 Elul 5774
Issue 1056
Shabbat Parshat Shoftim
August 08, 2013

ParshaPix Explanations

Parsha Pix

Upper-left are the symbols of SHO-F’TIM (gavel) and SHO-T’RIM (sheriff’s star)
Negation circle over the planting of a sappling = prohibition of planting trees in the Mikdash or Mizbei’ach area Tilted scales = perversion of justice - a recurring theme in the sedra
Crown is for the mitzva of appointing a king
He must write a special Torah (quill & parchment)
He may not own an excessive number of horses (3 chess knights are too many, defined as more than necessary - although since a king and two knights cannot force a checkmate on the opposing king, and a third knight - which can be acquired when a pawn reaches the edge of the board (called promotion) - can force a mate, then three knights would not be an excessive number of horses for a king to own)
Gift-wrapped present represents MATANOT, the gifts to a kohein, specifically the parts of a slaughtered animal that are his due
Negation of veering to the right or left times 2 because all are commanded so, and the king is additionally commanded the same thing
Rabbit in hat stands for magic (but is not the same kind that the Torah forbids - That’s why it is not in a negation circle)
Ax handle detached from head (kills someone) - classic SHOGEG situation
Bulldozer is to prepare the roads to IR MIKLAT for better access to the cities of refuge
Towards the bottom, from left. Three military deferments: Building new house
engagement to marry
and vineyard
Tree with funny face features is KI HA’ADAM EITZ HASADEH, for man is the tree of the field
Home Sweet Home picture with the pyramids is negated because we are not allowed to return to Egypt to live there
An eye with the letter I in it, which is a play on AYIN B’AYIN. The phrase appears only three times in all of Tanach. Two of those times are Parshat Sho-f’tim and the haftara for Parshat Sho-f’tim! (The other one is in Parshat Sh’lach)
dice are double-4, which is for the 4 double words in the haftara - check them out
Peace symbol in a speech bubble stands for the mitzva to offer peace to an enemy before engaging it in battle
Recycling symbol reminds us to avoid the prohibition of BAL TASHCHIT (wasting)
The negation of the snake is for the prohibition of NICHUSH (play on words)
The snake is a KING cobra, so it also refers to the prohibition of choosing a king from another nation (Cobra isn’t a Jewish name)
King of hearts is lying down since the kings heart must not be raised above his brothers
Hand of five queens stands for the prohibition of the king marrying an excessive number of wives. On the other hand, there is a card game called Five Crowns which does have 5 queens, so maybe we do not have a violation here
Wagon is for the portion of EGLA ARUFA, which, we are taught, was the topic that Yaakov and Yosef were studying, when Yosef was taken from him. Years later, Yosef sends AGALOT, wagons, to his father Yaakov, to facilitate the family’s descent into Mitzrayim
The two alarm clocks are for HIT-O-R’RI, HIT-O-R’RI, awaken, awaken… This phrase can be found in this week’s haftara (as well as in L’CHA DODI)
Bottom right are two TV judges - My Favorite Martian became a judge in Picket Fences and Harry is the judge from Night Court
Above them are SHO-T’RIM, Bull from Night Court and Jack Webb - the facts, Ma’am, just the facts
continuing up we continue from SHOFTIM V’SHOTRIM to TEE-TEN, as in TITEN L’CHA…
Four elements which are 3 , remain as Unexplaineds - your turn!

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