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3 September 2014 / 8 Elul 5774
Issue 1004
Parshat Sh'lach
June 16, 2012

ParshaPix Explanations

Parsha Pix

A “busy” ParshaPix - a classic with some new elements - both straight-forward items and some wordplays. PP is a fun way to launch into a fuller discussion of Parshat HaShavua
Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy, which we can apply to the 10 black Meraglim vs. the 2 white ones. They are carrying a bomb… which is similar to a grenade, RIMON in Hebrew, one of the fruits that the Meraglim brought back. The author of Spy vs. Spy always signed his name in Morse code. Here we have Kalev’s call in Morse - ALO NA’ALEH
The 6 and the i need to be read in Hebrew and English respectively - SHEISHAI, one of the Y’LIDEI ANAK who lived in Hevron
The compass represents the directions that Moshe sent the Meraglim
The grapes refer to the timing: “...And the days were the days of the ripening of the grapes.” (Bamidbar 13:20), and to the famous cluster of grapes that the Meraglim brought back with them
Next to the grapes is the logo of the IDF’s NACHAL unit - with the grapes it gives NACHAL ESHKOL
See if the Land has trees, IM AYIN, or not. Switch the initial ALEFs of IM AYIN to AYINs and the question becomes: Is there a tree with an eye?
Emblem of the Ministry of Tourism and the logo of Carmel-Mizrachi Wines. (For a winery, it makes sense - the grapes represent the bounty of the Land and quality of its produce. On the other hand, why would the Ministry of Tourism want to be represented by “tourists” who bad-mouthed the Land and greatly discouraged Aliya? Don’t answer that!)
Menashe’s scout was Gadi (goat) ben (Uncle Ben), Sus-E (horse)
Flour (flower), Olive Oyl, and wine (R’ Wein) are for the MENACHOT and N’SACHIM presented in the sedra The Challah stands for the mitzva of CHALLAH
Tzitzit - the particular photo is of the way the strings are tied with T’cheilet, according to the GR"A’s (Vilna Gaon) opinion. For more on this - much more - check out
Near Olive Oyl’s right foot is Murex Trunculus, most likely the source of T’cheilet… See website noted above
Right above MT is Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet. Here he represents the white strings of Tzitzit
The heart with the eyes combine the two warnings of not to follow the evil temptations of your heart and eyes
Wood gathered on Shabbat and the stone used to execute the Shabbat desecrater
The window with a red ribbon hanging from it is the sign for Yehoshua’s army to spare the lives of Rachav and her family (from the haftara)
Emblem of Jewish (Boy) Scouts, sort of a description of the Meraglim…
The letter i inside another i stands for AYIN B’AYIN - In Moshe’s plea to G-d on behalf of the people, following the Meraglim disaster, he points out, so to speak, to G-d that His relationship with Israel is known to other nations and that the relationship is a close one based on AYIN B’AYIN (face to face) revelation, and consequently, it would be a Chilul HaShem if G-d were to destroy the people of Israel
Steam shovel is a play on LACHPOR HAARETZ, to “dig” the land, also to scout it out (as in the haftara)
The SF is the logo of the San Francisco Giants. The meraglim reported that they had seen giants in the Land. So too the logo of the New York Giants football team
The large YUD is from the word YIGDAL in Bamidbar 14:17
Laurel and Hardy, known in Hebrew as HaShamein V’haRazeh, the fat and the thin - part of Moshe’s instructions to the Meraglim was to check out the land to see if it was fertile or not
Levi Eshkol - Eshkol in the sedra refers to the cluster of grapes the Meraglim brought back with them and to the name of place they got it from Rubeus Hagrid is the Groundskeeper and Teacher of Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts and is the son of a giant (from his mother’s side) - he is one of the Y’LIDEI HAANAK
Heart with the letters Ca on it. Ca in this pictogram is neither for Calcium nor California - rather, it is a syllable to be followed by the Hebrew for heart, making CaLev, as in the son of Yefuneh
At the bottom, to the right of Stan and Ollie is the municipal seal of the city of Yericho (haftara)
The pistol is an Israeli made Jericho 941
This leaves four Unexplaineds for you to figure out on your own. Have fun!

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