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Published April 19, 2012

Following the birth of a baby boy, there is a 7-day period of Tum’a for the mother followed by a 33 day period of Tahara.
Knife for Brit Mila follows the 7th day, i.e. on the 8th day.
For the birth of a baby girl, the periods of Tum’a and Tahara is 14 days and 66 days.
Then come the turtle dove and lamb, which are two parts of the Korban Yoledet, the offerings of the woman who has given birth, after 40 or 80 days.
There is a hand afflicted by a NEGA… this represents the various N’GA’IM that can afflict the body of a person.
The shirt with a NEGA represents those garments and materials that are able to be afflicted with NIG’EI HABEGED.
The number sign, a.k.a. SULAMIT (in Hebrew), pound sign, hash, cross-hash, hex, and the best name: octothorpe. In this Parsha- Pix, it represents the SH’TI & EIREV, the warp & woof weave of garments afflicted by a NEGA.
That lizard-like reptile is a CHAMELION, noted for changing colors - a significant factor in the determination of NEGA’IM.
The traffic light also refers to the changing of colors in the NEGA’IM. This is a particularly appropriate graphic to use for this, since its colors are all mentioned in the sedra. Hair in a wound changing to yellow (or not). And the term Y’RAKRAK, greenish, or maybe strong green. So too ADAMDAM, reddish, or powerful red.
The two birds are part of the purification process of a M’TZORA. The TZIPOR (two of them) of the purification process for a M’TZORA is the D’ROR - speculated to be a sparrow or one type of swallow. Pictured in the ParshaPix are sparrows. Neither bird of the two required is a korban (sacrifice) and is therefore not necessarily a dove or turtledove - those being the only two birds eligible for the Mizbei’ach.
Also pictured are the cedar tree (EITZ EREZ), the hyssop plant (EISOV), and a red wool thread (SH’NI TOLAAT, not shown), all part of the M’tora’s purification.
The M’tzora is required to shave all the hair of his body (razor)...
including, as is mentioned in the Torah, the eyebrows. In the picture, one eyebrow has already been shaved.
The 2+1 on the lamb are for 2 male sheep and 1 female - part of the procedure of purification.
To the right of the traffic light are the three recipients of the blood and oil of the purification process - the earlobe (one opinion - others hold the top of the outer ear, or the middle ridge of cartilage), thumb, and big toe - of the right ear, the right hand, and the right foot.
Pictured is HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohein Kook zt"l, wearing glasses. This stands for the oft repeated phrase, V’RA’A HAKOHEN, and the kohein saw. Searching the Tanach, one finds that the phrase occurs 14 times altogether, 13 in Tazri’a (chapter 13 therein) and once, a 14th time, in chapter 14 (M’tzora). And to make the life of a Bar Mitzva boy who is trying to study this parsha chal- lenging, V’RA’A HAKOHEN comes in 8 different TROP-combinations. And this doesn’t take into account the 5 V’RA’AHU HAKOHENs with their TROP variations. And this is also not to mention the 40 HEI-VAV-ALEFs in Tazri’a, 18 of which are HI (meaning she) and 22 of which are HU (meaning he), but in most cases really meaning “it”. Not to mention other layning hard-spots in M’tzora. In all, a tough pair of sedras to read. But we digress…
Besides one’s body and certain garments (wool, linen, leather), certain types of homes (depends upon building materials) are subject to N’GA’IM. There is an afflicted house in the lower-left of the ParshaPix.
The double three domino stands for the unique pair of consecutive p’sukim that contain three words each. ULTZARAAT HABEGED V’LABAYIT: V’LASEIT V’LASAPA- CHAT V’LABAHERET:
Along the right side of the PP from the top is EEYORE, Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend. His name is pronounced very much like the name of the month IYAR that we announce this Shabbat.
Looney Tunes’ Tazmanian Devil, affectionately known as TAZ
followed by the third largest bird in the world, the Rhea of South America. Together, they give you TAZRI’A.
This leads to orange juice, MITZ ORANGE. Take away the NGE and you get MITZORA.
And two Unexplaineds, plus the MazalPic, and these bullets (easy).

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