8:00pm –        HASHKAFA – Mrs. Rachel Rudman

  • Developing a relationship with our Father , our King
  • Overcoming obstacles in making changes
  • Opening the gates of Tefilla

9:00pm        TANACH – Mrs. Zemira Ozarowski

Sefer Yonah, Akeidat Yitzchak, and other Torah readings of the Yamim Noraim



8:00pm        TEFILLA  – Rabbi Chanoch Ozarowski and Rabbi Alan Haber

Exploring the Machzor – Analyzing the Tefillot of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

Please note Rabbi Ozarowski will teach on Sept 4 and 25, Rabbi Haber will teach on Sept. 11 and 18


9:00pm        GUEST SPEAKER SLOT

Sept. 4 – Mrs. Shani TaraginTefilat Chana – From Personal Prayer to National Anthem

Sept. 11 – Mrs. Dina SchoonmakerA Woman’s Preparation for Yom Hadin

Sept. 18 – Rabbi Sam ShorTeshuva m’Ahava: Learning to Love our Imperfect Selves

Sept. 25 – Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Weinreb (schedule will be flipped on this day)






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full program 200.00
Wednesdays 130.00
Sundays 100.00

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