Meet the Samaritans with Aaron Shaffier

Meet the Samaritans – Israel’s Tiniest Minority

With Guide Aaron Shaffier

Monday, July 9, 9am – 6pm

For over 2,500 years, Jewish history has been intertwined with the Samaritans. They appear in the Tanach and throughout the Gemara and Midrash. From 1917 to today they have grown from 140 people to over 800, half living on Mt. Gerizim and half in Holon and keep their version of the “Torah”.  Come meet Israel’s tiniest minority and learn about their history and their future.

Visit sites:

  • Beit El – Jacob’s Dream
  • Har Gerizim National Park
  • Samaritan Museum
  • Lookout over Kever Yosef

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