For girls aged 11-14 and their mothers! Join us in a mother-daughter  journey which includes learning from the sources, group discussions, meeting inspiring women and hearing their stories, Challa baking, Amen party, trip to Kever Rachel, Old City tour, chessed trip, art, drama, journaling, and more. Based off of the book Pirkei Hallel. 

Topics to be covered:

 • Becoming a Bat Mitzvah – Are mitzvot a burden or a privilege?, being part of the mesorah
• Jewish female role models throughout the ages – Who we can emulate and how?
• Chessed – How much each one of us can accomplish and contribute
• Beauty and Modesty – Understanding Tzniut
• Tefilla and Torah Learning– What is the purpose? How can we connect to Hashem?
• Eretz Yisrael and the Beit Hamikdash– How privileged we are to live here and looking forward to the geula

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