Mashiv HaRuach: Return the Spirit

OU Israel has joined with the IDF Education Corps and the IDF Rabbinate to create Mashiv HaRuach (Return the Spirit), an intensive experience-based program that inspires soldiers with a knowledge of Israel’s history and Biblical heritage.

IDF soldiers

Mashiv HaRuach annually reaches about 16,000 soldiers and pre-army students at the end of high school. They come to Mashiv HaRuach for a variety of seminars, workshops and tiyulim. The goal is to instill in current and future soldiers a love of the land and pride in defending its borders. In the process they learn more about Israel’s history and how the country’s Biblical roots are the foundation for settling Eretz Yisrael.

It is not uncommon for soldiers to comment that Mashiv HaRuach is their first serious connection to Jewish heritage, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael

Powerful connection

Mashiv HaRuach also helps forge a powerful connection between IDF soldiers and different areas of the country.

Restore honor, passion

The program’s goal is to inspire Israeli soldiers while restoring the honor and passion of the Israel Defense Forces. In the course of their Mashiv HaRuach experience soldiers learn life skills and often begin to build a new identity based on Judaism, Zionism and civic responsibility.