The Pearl and Harold Jacobs Zula Outreach Center is a safe haven for at-risk teens, primarily from Religious Zionist backgrounds. Typically, these teens and young adults have become estranged from their families, teachers, and normative frameworks, and are often experiencing a crisis in faith. Many are involved in substance abuse or other antisocial behaviors.

Located in the heart of Yerushalayim, The Zula’s team of counselors and educational professionals guides troubled teens, and helps them return to normative social, religious, and scholastic frameworks. The Zula is a place of warmth and acceptance, where teens are welcome to drop in and “hang out,” as an alternative to the night life out on the streets of the city. The Zula’s come-as-you-are policy creates a non-judgmental atmosphere of mutual trust and acceptance that allows troubled kids to hear and be heard, to learn, to connect with positive role models, and to find their way back to their families, schools and communities.