OU Israel and L’Ayla's Women’s Mission to Israel

2 September 2014 / 7 Elul 5774


  • This is tentative Itinerary, additional programs and visits will be added.

    Sunday, February 19 ~ 26 Shvat

    Leave Newark Airport on Sunday February 19th... Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport Monday, Feb. 20 at 6:30 am

  • Monday, February 20 ~ 27 Shvat

    In the path of Rabbi Akiva...

    Travel to Caesarea , and discover the Roman Acqueducts , stroll along the beautiful Mediteranean , beach.

    From the Romans to the British...Challenges to the Jewish presence in our Homeland

    Visit Atlit, , the illegal immigrant detention camp that presents the story of the struggle of Jews leaving NAZI persecution trying to reach British controlled Palestine.

    Continue on to the city of Acco and see the old and new sites there, lunch at Kapulski Cafe on the beach of Nahariya. On to Rosh Hanikra and go on a cable car to see one of the most beautiful scenes in Israel.

    Dinner and lodging at Kibbutz Lavi hotel.

  • Tuesday, February 21 ~ 28 Shvat

    Daven Shacharit in Meron at the Kever of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai

    Tour Tzfat, the place that inspired the spiritual secrets of the Ari Hakadosh and of the later kabbalists and the meet some of the interesting personalities there.

    Continue to Tiveria and learn about some of the great Talmudic Scholars who lived in this holy city. End the visit to Tiveria at the Kever of Rabbi Akiva with a breathtaking view of the Kinneret at sunset.

    Ascend to Yerushalayim where we will meet Rabbi Sholom Gold for an introduction to our visit of the kotel and that will be followed by Maariv at the Kotel Hamaaravi

    Proceed to the Prima Kings Hotel where we will stay for the remainder of the trip.

  • Wednesday, February 22 ~ 29 Shvat

    Starting at a unique old home on Har Hazeitim, we will trace the path of a Yoledet (a woman who recently gave birth) going on her way to bring a Korban (sacrifice of thanksgiving) in the Beit Hamikdash. This unique tour will give us insight into the special connection women throughout history had with the Beit Hamikdash. We will delve deeper into the beauty of the structure of the Beit hamikdash, its keilim (vessels) and the service done within. We will tour the areas around the Kotel and appreciate the loss of the Beit Hamikdash like never before.

    After lunch in one of the Old City eateries (on your own), we will then discover some of the exciting newer communities in Yerushalayim with Judy Grossman and daven mincha at the Kever of Shimon haTzadik

    Dinner is on your own

    Return at 8:00 for a special program at the OU Israel Center , Mishpacha Magazine Presents: Meet the Writers and Editors .

  • Thursday, February 23 ~ 30 Shvat

    Understand the Midbar: Follow the path of King David to the Dead Sea Area taking a beautiful walk through Ein Gedi.

    Be inspired by the most unique scenery in the world.

    See the Tanach come to life by visiting the area in which King David composed many perakim of his tehillim.

    Prepare yourself for a fantastic Jeeping experience through the Judean Desert.

    While Jerusalem prepares for Shabbat, we join Debbie Shapiro, a noted author living in yerushalayim, for a magical tour of the older areas of Jerusalem. We'll learn about the Muslim Morranos who make a detour from their forced pilgrimage to Mecca to create the Haji Synagogue; We'll visit the Bucharian Mossayoff synagogue, shop in the Bucharian shuk, stop in at the famous "aish tanura" bread bakery, visit the famous Mirrer Yeshivah and wander through the tiny alleyways and courtyards that are so unique to Yerushalayim.

  • Friday, February 24 ~ 1 Adar

    Once again, join Debbie Shapiro in meeting some of Yerushalayim's great Rebbetzins. We'll learn about the unique Yerushalayim education and lifestyle. This is an incredible opportunity to catch a glimpse of the women from the "old yishuv."

    Shop in Geulah and end off your morning at Shuk Machane Yehuda to see the exciting Pre-Shabbos whirlwind.

  • Shabbat, February 25 ~ 2 Adar

    Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel HaMaaravi.

    Dinner in Bayit Yehudi in the old neighborhood of Nachlaot. Meet some exciting guests and following dinner, join the Friday night Tisch with the Belzer Rebbetzin.

    Lunch at the home of Linda S. Elman followed by a tour of the Old City with reknowned tour guide, Barnea Levi Selevan .

    Meet noted Kiruv personality Ben Packer at the Heritage House for Shalosh Seudos and Havdallah.

  • Motzei Shabbos

    Melave Malka reception at the home of Judy Ziering with special guest speaker, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi.

  • Sunday, February 26 ~ 3 Adar

    Begin the day at Yad Lakashish, a crafts workshop providing jobs for elderly and disabled citizens.

    Continue on to visit the newly remodeled Israel Museum with Devora Applebaum.

    Lunch the Modern Resturant ,an avant garde eating experience. End off with a tour of the Knesset. The day will end at 4:00 pm, leaving you an early evening to meet with family and freinds.

  • Monday, February 27 ~ 4 Adar

    Daven at Kever Rachel and understand the deep significance and privilege that we have to visit.

    Study the Tehillim of King David that he wrote as a shepherd in this area.

    Tour Hevron, with Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum meet some of the inspiring and tenacious women who enable us to have a Jewish presence in Hevron.

    Daven at Maarat HaMachpela

    Return to Yerushalayim for a farewell dinner and time to daven once more at the Kotel.

    Transportation will be provided to the aiport. Suggested flights include: LY27 leaving Tel Aviv at 12:40 pm on 2/28 arriving in NEWARK at 6:05am or LY1 Leaving Tel Aviv at 1:00 am on 2/28 arriving in JFK at 6:00 am

    Please register at http://www.ouisrael.org/layla-trip/registration/