OU-JLIC at IDC & Bar Ilan University

The Orthodox Union’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (OU-JLIC) was created to help Jewish students observe key aspects of Jewish life on college campuses. Currently young couples serve as teachers and Torah role models on 23 university campuses in North America. 
In 2017, OU-JLIC expanded its program to include its first campus at IDC Herzliya under the leadership of Rav Josh and Margot Botwinick, and a second campus at Bar Ilan university with Rav Yehuda and Chagit Peles.  At each campus, OU JLIC: 

Engages students navigating the university environment while balancing their Jewish life;
Presents a positive, sophisticated and welcoming face for Judaism on campus;
Educates and provides Jewish students from a variety of backgrounds, avenues for spiritual development and exploration;
● And Inspires young adults to take ownership and responsibility for their Jewish lives and communities, supporting students in all aspects of university and communal life.

Currently OU-JLIC provides Jewish life and educational services on a weekly basis for more than
1,120 English speaking young adults from 40 different countries.

Ongoing Activities

OU-JLIC engages and inspires students with a wide variety of innovative and thought provoking activities including:

  • Daily Lunch ‘N Learns
  • Weekly Gemara and Tanach Shiurim
  • Weekly Chesed-Workshops
  • Experiential education
  • Shabbatonim
  • Hikes & Challah Bakes



OU-JLIC enriches individuals and couples with one-on-one mentorship on a broad spectrum of Jewish life events through:

  • Chavrutot
  • Halachic Guidance
  • Chattan & Kallah teachers
  • Matchmaking
  • and student leadership opportunities

Holiday Programs

Through OU-JLIC students can celebrate the Jewish holidays together including:

  • All night Shavuot Learning
  • Purim Megillah reading and Seuda with 250 students
  • Eicha Over the Ocean
  • Sufganiyot on a Boat
  • A Sefarim Sale
  • Chanukah’s 8 Crazy Nights event

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