OU Israel Center

Since 1979, The OU Israel Center has provided a warm and welcoming environment, spiritual inspiration, and social connection for English-speaking Olim (new immigrants) and tourists – from young professionals to families to active retirees. Our 5 story, 840 sqm building in central Yerushalayim, complete with lecture halls, an English language library, classrooms, and event halls, is home to more than 80 weekly programs.

As a home-away-from home for English speakers of all ages, there is truly something exciting for everyone. The OU Israel Center is providing inspiration through the following innovative programs:

The Avrom Silver College For Adults

More than 50 weekly classes offered day and night through the Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults ranging from

  • Parashat Hashavua
  • Halacha
  • Jewish History
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Talmud and Jewish Thought

The Gustave and Carol Jacobs Center for Kashrut Education

The Gustave & Carol Jacobs Center for Kashrut Education educates tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis about Kashrut observance through:

  • Weekly shiurim
  • A dedicated column in Torah Tidbits
  • Engaging Videos
  • A Kashrut Hotline

L’Ayla Women’s Learning Initiatives

L’Ayla Women’s Learning Initiative inspires Jewish Women of all ages and backgrounds. Programming consists of:

  • A variety of classes
  • Inspirational trips
  • Cultural workshops
  • Learning opportunities
  • Mother and Daughter programs


The Jerusalem Community Hub for Anglos and Torah provides inspiration and connection for young professionals through:

  • Weekly Shiurim
  • Social Events
  • Rabbinic Mentorship & Guidance

Torah Tidbits

Enhances the Shabbat of countless individuals worldwide, filled with Divrei Torah on the Parsha, Halachic questions and answers by leading thinkers including:

  • Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
  • and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

OU Israel Travel

Enables English-speaking Olim and visitors to get to know Israel firsthand and to develop a deep love for our beautiful country. 

CHESED4U Volunteer Network

The Chesed4U network connects Elderly Olim in need of companionship or assistance with volunteer Olim to foster acts of Chesed for hundreds of elderly English speaking olim in Anglo communities in Israel.

SCP – Semichat Chaver Program

SCP is a new and innovative halachic study program focussing on both the practical and ethical meaning of halacha.

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