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The Gesharim Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program
Gesharim prepares youngsters in disadvantaged neighborhoods – who would not normally do so – to  prepare for and celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. ...
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Camp Dror: An Israeli Summer Experience to Remember
  Camp Dror: Celebrating 21 years of summer camp excellence. Join in this year’s fun: fromJuly 5 – July 21, 2016. Camp Dror is a two and a half ...
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Mashiv HaRuach: Return the Spirit
OU Israel has joined with the IDF Education Corps and the IDF Rabbinate to create Mashiv HaRuach (Return the Spirit), an intensive ...
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The Jack E. Gindi Oraita Program
Each of the Jack E. Gindi Oraita Clubs in Israel have two unique features: a pool table and a study hall. There are 11 Oraita clubs from north to ...
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The Pearl and Harold Jacobs Zula Outreach Center
A zula is a place to hang out. It’s also a state of mind. It’s comfortable. OU Israel’s Pearl and Harold Jacobs  Zula Outreach Center began 16 ...
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Makom Balev: A Place in the Heart
Makom Balev, styled after NCSY in the United States, runs 1o youth centers in development towns around the country. The idea is to inspire youth ...
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OU Israel Travel

  • 15 Dec 2016Explore the story of Chanuka in Modiin

    Explore the story of Chanuka... where it happened, when it happened!with Esti Herskovitz Thursday,  Dec. 15, 8:30am-5:00pm Travel to the...

  • 26 Dec 2016Night Chanuka Walking tour with Rabbi Sam Shor

    Light Up the Night- Chanuka Walking Excursion with Rabbi Sam Shor Monday December 26th at 7pm Join Rabbi Shor for...

  • 22 Jan 2017Eilat Winter Retreat

    OU Israel Center Winter Retreat in Eilat at the Dan Panorama Hotel   Sunday-Thursday, Jan 22-26, 2017   Scholars-in-Residence:   Rabbi...