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Makom Balev Youth Movement

The Makom Balev Youth Movement instills Israeli youth from Israel’s socio-economic periphery ages 12 – 18 with confidence, ownership, and leadership skills to strengthen their self-identity and sense of belonging.

Our Theory of Change is that with a strong sense of belonging, youth will feel more motivated to tackle their unique life challenges. Run by a dedicated staff of youth counselors, social workers and national service volunteers who serve as significant role models Makom Balev chapters focus on experiential and educational programming such as cultural activities, field-trips, community volunteering as well as identity building projects such as Bar & Bat Mitzvah programs, scholastic and leadership development.

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MK Waldiger: "Thanks to the strong wind, amputees also conquered Everest
The OU in Israel held a meeting of its youth centers spread throughout the country. Rabbi Berman: "Our importance in strengthening youth at this time is gaining momentum.
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