Please note that all events are from 8-10pm except for the Kever Shmuel Tiyul, Food Packaging Event, and Siyur Selichot
*Schedule subject to change

Mon Sept 5

Elul: Ir Miklat in Time – Mrs. Zemira Ozarowski
The Sacrifice of Sarah Imenu: A Deeper Understanding of the Rosh Hashana Torah Readings – Rabbanit Shani Taragin

Wed Sept 7

Machzor Workshop – Mrs. Shoshi Nissenbaum

Mon Sept 12

Teshuva Color War – R’ David Katz
Best Rosh Hashana Ever: Practical Ideas to Maximize the Day – Rabbi Menachem Nissel

Wed Sept 14

The Mitzvah of Teshuva – Rabbi Gershon Turetsky
Multimedia Presentation on the Avodat  Kohein HaGadol on Yom Kippur – Mrs. Tzipora Piltz

Mon Sept 19

Tiyul to Kever Shmuel with Rivi Frankel
Shiur on Tefillat Chana plus Kumsitz

Wed Sept 21

Duality of the Shofar – Rebbetzin Shira Smiles

Dates TBD

Siyur Selichot in the Old City



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