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May 11, 8:30-6:00
Experience the Victories and Challenges of Yom Yerushalayim
with Gershon Rechtman
 “Sovo Tsiyon VeHakifua”

Learn about the plight of pre-State Jerusalem, the seige on Jerusalem during the War of Independence and the tactics used to break the seige.
Visit the Castel National Park and walk to top of the fortress for a magnificent panoramic view. Overlooking the fortifications we  learn about the courageous attempts to conquer  this essential stategic location .
Continue to Ammunition Hill to learn about the Liberation and Unification of divided Jerusalem during the Six Day War. We tour the highly fortified position, watch a fabulous audio visual presentation and pay respects to the fallen heroes.
Bring a picnic lunch
See the “City Line” which divided the city, past Abu Tor and East Talpiot.
Conclude with a  visit to Kibbutz Ramat Rachel and  the Olive Tree Memorial where we contemplate Jerusalem into the future.
150NIS (members)
Call now to reserve your place 560-9110
hosted by Yael Deutsch and Perel Wachsman
בעקבות הלוחמים


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