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Join us at Maale Film school for a unique film followed by a discussion led by the film director, Mazal Ben Yishai

​בינתיים מזל

Mazal Brings Luck  Director: Mazal Ben-Yishai

Mazal Ben Yishai, the film’s director, was born to a special needs couple and raised alongside them by her grandparents. Camera in hand, Mazal documents the nuanced dramas unfolding daily within her family and weaves into these archival footage shot by her grandfather over the years of her childhood. The result is a rare and moving documentary that raises crucial social and political questions about the impossible ethical dilemmas faced by Mazal as her grandparents age and her parents become concerned about who will care for them in the future.​

Maale-20 Shivtei Yisrael street, Yerushalayim

Sunday , June 7,   8-:00 pm

בינתיים מזל

בנתיים מזל