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1 August 2014 / 5 Av 5774

Tisha b'Av at OU Israel Center

By | Published July 31, 2014

Sunday evening August 3, there will be a special lecture on chizuk and direction before Tisha b’Av by Rabbi Dovid Miller, Rosh Yeshiva Gruss Kollel and Yeshiva University Mashgiach Ruchani.

Monday evening August 4, seudat mafseket at 7:00 PM followed by Ma’ariv at 8:00 PM. Eicha will be read by Rabbi Neil Winkler.

Tuesday August 5, Shacharit at 8:00 AM followed by Kinot at 9:00 AM with Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Weinreb assisted by Rabbi Neil Winkler. This will be a worldwide webcast.

OU Mission in Dimona: The Israel that People Don't Think About

By Rabbi Rabbi Barry Kornblau of Young Israel of Hollis Hills-Windsor Park, NY | Published July 29, 2014

After spending Shabbat in Sderot the OU Mission spent the next two days in the south.They met with individuals who have lost family members as well as those who have been wounded or traumatized. They also met with religious, political and military leaders in different communities in the south.

Rabbi Rabbi Barry Kornblau, of Young Israel of Hollis Hills-Windsor Park, NY, who wrote about Shabbat in Sderot now shares his impressions of Dimona.

OU Solidarity Mission Spends Shabbat Masei in Sderot

By Rabbi Barry Kornblau, Young Israel of Hollis Hills-Windsor Park, Queens, NY | Published July 27, 2014

Astonishing. Overpowering. Inspiring. Loud. Unforgettable.

These are words that describe the OU Mission Shabbat in Sderot, 2 kilometers from Gaza border, and at its hesder yeshiva, whose students learn Torah and serve in the IDF.

Bomb shelters are everywhere in Sderot. Buildings, schools, playgrounds, and bus stops are made of thick, reinforced concrete, to protect residents against the relentless Kassam rockets which Hamas has been firing at them for more than a decade.

Max Steinberg ז"ל: A Hero Who Rekindled the Zionist Spirit

By Zvi Volk | Published July 23, 2014

An estimated 30,000 Israelis from all over the country paid their respects to Max Steinberg ז”ל who was buried in Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl military cemetery today. He was 24 when he was killed in action in Gaza on Shabbat, July 19.

Post-Trauma Intervention for the War that Doesn’t End

By Debbie Gross, OU Israel Trauma Team Director | Published July 21, 2014

A trauma intervention team recently visited towns in southern Israel that are constantly being shelled. They made a shocking discovery: The students in schools in these towns had never participated in any crisis intervention programs.

OU Israel with the support of the OU Israel Emergency Fund began holding workshops in these towns.

This is the first report based on post-trauma intervention workshops held in Sderot, Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh on July 16 and 20.

The next report will discuss workshops in Netivot.

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