Dealing with the stresses and demands of everyday life, many women find it hard to find ways to stay inspired. The L’Ayla Women’s Learning Initiative aims to provide Torah learning, inspiration, and chizuk to English-speaking women living in Yerushalayim and beyond.  L'Ayla consists of many weekly classes including Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz, Mrs. Shira Smiles, Mrs. Sylvie Schatz, Mrs. Pearl Borow, and Mrs. Shprintzee Rappaport. Ranging from more textual classes to more inspirational, the women walk away with inspiration and  fresh perspectives, which has an  impact on the women and their entire families. Programs are geared to women all of ages and include variety of activities such as the monthly Rosh Chodesh learning seminar, Mommy-and-Me Parsha and Parenting, Mother-Daughter learning and art program, weekly mini-midrasha morning of learning, Taharat Hamishpacha classes, inspirational women’s tiyulim, and workshops which combine Torah inspiration and the arts. In addition, L’Ayla is proud to host the Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem and the Dorot Intergenerational Choir which enable women of diverse backgrounds and ages to foster friendships through the common language of the performing arts.