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The OU Israel L’Ayla Women’s Learning Initiative is dedicated to inspiring Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to grow in their Avodat Hashem. L’Ayla programming consists of a wide variety of classes, inspirational trips, seminars, Torah and Tarbut workshops, learning opportunities, and mother-daughter programs.

One of our goals at OU Israel L’Ayla is to offer Torah learning and inspiration not only at the OU Israel center itself, but to Anglo communities around Israel. The program is currently active in four locations including Maaleh Adumim, Beit Shemesh, Efrat, and Yad Binyamin.

More locations to come…

Rosh Chodesh Seminars

The Rosh Chodesh Women’s Seminar aims to provide a burst of inspiration to English-speaking women living in Yerushalayim and beyond. Each month or theme is addressed from a halachic, hashkafic, Tanach, and personal perspective from a wide range of top speakers.

L'Ayla Day

L’Ayla Day is a weekly learning program which takes place on Tuesday mornings. This incredible program gives women the opportunity to learn topics including

  • Parsha
  • Tanach
  • Tefilla
  • Machshava

and more!


NextGen is a new program for single and married women in their 20’s – 40’s. From shiurim, to chessed activities, to paint nights, NextGen is creating a community of young women in Israel who are looking to grow and connect.

ATID program for young Olot

ATID….Building your future in Israel

Making Aliya on your own can be an amazing but challenging opportunity. ATID provides single women ages 18-30 with a community of like-minded friends, support and chizuk to help them thrive in Israel.
*Shiurim *Dinner *Tiyulim *Fun Activities *Interactive Workshops *Shabbatonim
Nach Yomi

Join a community of women in Israel who are learning Nach Yomi (a perek of Neviim/Ketuvim each day) with the OU Women’s Iniative Nach Yomi cycle. OU Israel L’Ayla provides Nach Yomi participants (as well as Tanach lovers) with Tanach Yemei Iyun, Siyum celebrations, and Tiyulim in Israel.

Women's Tiyulim

At L’Ayla, we offer periodic “women-only” trips. The goal of these trips is not only to see Israel, but to really inspire us as women. Trips include:

  • Kever Rachel on the yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu.
  • Pre-Rosh Hashana tiyul to Kever Shmuel
  • Siyur Selichot
Bat Mitzvah Program

Join us in a mother-daughter Bat Mitzvah journey which includes:

  • Learning from the sources
  • Group discussions
  • Meeting inspiring women and hearing their stories
  • Challa baking
  • Amen party
  • Trip to Kever Rachel
  • Old City tour and More…
Torah and Tarbut

Torah and Tarbut programs are events that combine Torah and the arts, allowing women to use their creative expression in Avodat Hashem. Ongoing activities include:

  • The Dorot Inter-generational choir.
  • Pre-holiday “Food for Thought” cooking and Torah workshops.
  • Writing Seminars and Torah & Art workshops.
Mother & Daughter Programs

Before every holiday, mothers join their daughters aged 9-12 together for an event of learning, art, bonding and fun.