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Linking our Lives2gether (LOLT)

Linking our Lives2gether (LOLT) is a social networking group for active single Anglo Olim 60-75 years old. LOLT was started with the idea of providing a peer group for new and old olim to find friendship and opportunities to network in order to enhance their experience of living in Israel.  Due to covid-19 we currently have well attended weekly zoom meetings presenting a different topic presented by our members or guests.

Personal Testimonies
“LOLT has provided me with a wonderful warm circle of friends that has really helped me feel at home and a part of meaningful life here in Israel” R. Guggenheim

“I was most impressed with the encouragement (chizuk)our LOLT members shared in the days before Pesach 5780, when so many faced one-person seders and long solitary confinement. I saw people move from despair to empowerment in conducting a seder of their own design. And now that we face a long New Year’s lockdown, I hear creative planning for a meaningful yomtov. Starting LOLT was a visionary effort.” E. Katz

To Join the Linking our Lives2gether (LOLT) Program
Please Contact Chana Spivak via Email at:
Cell: +972-(0)50-229-4951