The OU Israel Center launched Chesed4U in 2018 for the purpose of offering emotional support and resources to new and veteran Olim to assist them as they build their lives here in Yerushalayim.  

English speaking Olim face the challenges of a new language and culture as well leaving behind their network of support, family and friends. As a result, Olim often experience an increased feeling of loneliness and isolation. Chesed4U was created to address these needs and to offer support and encouragement for Olim to build connections within their new communities. Our volunteers assist Olim with simple errands, with companionship, with translating Hebrew documents, with reading and paying bills, and understanding municipal or governmental communications. 

For more information, please contact Chana Spivack via email at
Phone: +972-(0)50-229-4951.

Welcoming Olim


  • Hotline for resources and community connections in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality
  • Connecting Olim to OU Israel programs and services
  • Providing translation of communications, Chatline and virtual visits


Outreach to Jerusalem Elderly and Homebound


  • Bubbie/Zaidy Connection.
  • Covid-19 Support.
  • Bikur Cholim
  • Social accompaniment to lectures, tiyulim or cultural events.
  • Torah Learning with a study partner.
  • Teaching how to connect virtually (Zoom etc..)

Join the Chesed4U Network

Make a lasting impact on someone’s life.

  • Share your knowledge, wisdom and experience with others.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of doing Chesed and a Mitzvah.
  • Learn to be compassionate and understanding.
  • Make a positive and personal contribution.