More and more elderly, English speaking (Anglo) Jews are deciding to make Aliyah to Israel. Not only do they have to face the common language and cultural barriers which confront every new immigrant they also leave behind their support network of friends, family and community. Compounding this challenge is the fact that as they grow older their ability to socialize decreases and without speaking Hebrew so does their opportunities to interact as well. As a result these new immigrants experience increased feelings of loneliness and depression. In Jerusalem alone there are several thousand elderly, English speaking new immigrants.
In order to address this need, OU Israel Center created its Chesed4U Network in 2018 in Jerusalem. The project’s goal is to reach out to Israel’s English speaking, elderly new immigrants, from active seniors to homebound individuals and match them with volunteers from their own and nearby neighborhoods. Not only do volunteers and the people they meet with interact, they also create the network of support which they left behind before making Aliyah.

Currently 87 Volunteers provide assistance to Hundreds of Needy Residents of Yerushalayim.

To Join the Chesed4U Network Please Contact Tzipporah Pronman via Email at:
Cell: +972-(0)53-610-0494

Serving Jerusalem’s Elderly Community

Chesed4U Volunteers offer a helping hand with compassion, understanding and empathy to those in need throughout Jerusalem to strengthen the bond between neighbors and to create a stronger community. Areas of Service include:

  • Bikur Cholim
  • Torah Text with a Study-partner
  • Chatline Companion Visits
  • Helping those in need
  • Social Activities – Tiyulim and lectures, accompaniment to cultural activities.


Bubee Zadee Program

‘Bubbie’ is the Yiddish word for Grandmother and Zaidy for “Grandfather.” Both come together with groups of young volunteers in Israel on seminary and yeshiva programs to create meaningful intergenerational encounters with Jerusalem’s english speaking elderly.

Join the Chesed4U Network

Make a lasting impact on someone’s life.

  • Share your knowledge, wisdom and experience with others.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of doing Chesed and a Mitzvah.
  • Learn to be compassionate and understanding.
  • Make a positive and personal contribution.