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Returning to our Roots

With Guide Gershon Portnoy

Monday, June 5, 8:30am-6pm

Reunite with Avraham, Yosef haTzadik, Yehoshua, Shmuel, Chana, and our roots on this tiyul to the Shomron.

  • Elon Moreh – Avraham’s 1st stop in HaAretz
  • Har Eval and Grezim – Blessing and Curses
  • Itamar – Givot Olam farm
  • Shilo – home of the Mishkan, Eli HaCohen & meet Shmuel, Chana, and Elkana

Call to reserve 02-5609110

Members: 220NIS, NM: 230NIS (includes bullet-proof bus)

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