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Tuesday, May 26 9:00-6:30 pm
Meeting the People on the Front Lines
A Day in the Communities around the Gaza Strip with Jacky Sivak
Start the day with a visit to Nitzan to see the Gush Heritage Center and appreciate thethe spirit of Gush Katif today
Continue to Sderot for lunch at the Yeshivat Hesder
Meet with representatives of Afikim b’Negev Garin Torani
Drive through the fields of Kibbutz NirAm to look at the issue of water to the Negev
Visit Nabih HaMeri lookout over Gaza, and the memorial to the Black Arrow unit
End off the day ar Netiv Ha’Asara  on the Mediterranean coast for a tour of the strategically located moshav, and meet with a ceramicist to add a piece to her mosaic ‘Peace Wall’
220 NIS (Members)
Hosted by Rivka Grunberg and Perel Wachsman


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