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Thursday, June 4 – 9:00-7:00 pm
A Day in the Souther Hills of Hevron with Beni Berlin
New insights into what the Hevron region is all about
Tel Zif, where King David hid from Shaul and get a good look at the eastern part of the mountains of Chevron.
Visit a special place in Carmel called Herbs Of Kedem. Learn about various herbs grown in Israel and how they are used to manufacture different healthful and healing products.
Tour Sussia and see this fascinating Talmudic City that has been preserved for over 1500 years.
Travel to the  west side of the Hevron mountains to Maitarim to see beautiful views and learn about this yishuv.
End off the day in Negohot, listen to the story of this community in which our tour guide Beni resides.
160 NIS\150NIS (members)
Hosted by:  Yaffa Brochin and Zeesi Smulowitz
Fully booked!!