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Wednesday, July 15
A visit to Unique Museums in Tiveria and Kfat Tavor with Chana Leah Aiken


We will drive up the Jordan Valley, passing a number of interesting sites on our way to Tiveria.

In Tiveria, we will visit the Dona Gracia Museum and hear about this amazing Jewish woman from Portugal in the 16th Century. She moved from country to country, running a lucrative business and helping thousands of Jews  to survive the Church’s cruel edicts.  The museum displays period rooms from the different places that she lived, and exquisite costumes that we will try on and be photographed in!

Afterward, we will eat a late lunch in Tiberias. (bring your own or at a restaurant on the promenade)

Our next stop will be near Mt. Tavor, where Devora and Barak led the Biblical battle against Sisera’s army. At Dvorat Hatavor, we will see how silk and honey are made.

We will end the day at the Marzipan Museum, where we will learn how marzipan is made, then see an amazing variety of scenes and people, all made out of marzipan.

205 NIS
195 NIS (members)
Hostess: Chana Spivack


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