The Bais in Memory of Mrs. Charlotte Brachfeld and OU Israel Present
 From Halachic Controversy to Contemporary Halachic Norms:
A series of weekly  in-depth studies on great Halachic controversies and their modern-day relevance (for Men )
With Rabbi Aschi Dick
 Daf Yomi  Magid shuir in Machon Daniel and Author of Shu”t Ishei Yisrael (3 volumes)
Wednesday evening  @ 8:30 pm, beginning October 20
Tentative Topics will include:• The famous get of Cleves
• The great semicha controversy
• The  halachic date-line
• The use of public electricity on Shabbat
• The Heter Mechira
• Entering Har Habayit
• Freeing agunot
• Dealing with  halachic mamzerim
In accordance with all Ministry of Health/tav yarok guidelines


Bookings are closed for this event.