OU Israel Travel & Israel Land Fund present 4 free Unique Walking Tiyulim Chol HaMoed (Yom Tov Sheini) Sukkot

Tuesday, October 15, 2:30-6:30pm –led by well-known guides

  • Maslul 1: Gey Ben Hinnom, Kfar Hateimanim (strenuous walk)
  • Maslul 2: Givat Hatanakh, Har Tzion, Jewish Quarter
  • Maslul 3: Givat Hatanakh, Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter
  • Maslul 4: Around the Walls, Jaffa Gate, New Gate, Damascus Gate, Flower Gate, Lion’s Gate (strenuous walk)

All tiyulim begin at OU Israel and will end at the Kotel for Refreshments, Mincha/Maariv

No Charge to attend the tiyulim, at the end of Maariv free shuttles will transport you back to OU Israel

Registration is mandatory, limited enrollment for each tiyul

Register by calling 02-5609110 or online


This event is fully booked.