Old City walking tiyul including the Churva Shul

Destruction to Rebirth – Old City walking tiyul including the rebuilt Churva Shul
In Honor of Yom Yerushalayim
with Teacher & Guide Rabbi Baruch Felberman
Thursday, May 30, 9am-2pm
Shiur: Vilna Gaon’s philosophy of Geula & Ramban’s understanding of the centrality of the Land of Israel to Judaism.  Shiur is at OU Israel
Tiyul: Destruction to Rebirth – Ramban, Rav Ovadiah, Judah the Chasid & the Gr”a. Their influences on the resettlement as viewed throughout the Old City. End the tour at the magnificent rebuilt Churva Shul. Tiyul will leave from OU Israel (transportation is one-way to the Old City).
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NM: 120nis
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