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Monday Nov. 9
Discovering the Development of the Galil
with Gershon Rechtman
Visit Bet Shearim to learn about  the movement of Jewish Life to the Galilee after the Bar Kochva Revolt.
Travel via scenic route through the lower Galilee to Karmiel
and discuss the current demographic challenges and modern Jewish settlement plans for the Galilee
Visit Midreshet Mattat, a unique new Midrasha in memory of Mattat Rosenfeld z”l who was tragically murdered in a terrorist attack, for lunch.
Meet members of the MiBreisheet Karmiel Community who are truly modern pioneers – working in the community, running social  programs, spreading Torah and Zionist education and physically and spiritually toiling to strengthen Am Yisrael on its northern frontier.
 End at the magnificent Nicky Imber Sculpture Park at the entrance to Karmiel.
230NIS (includes lunch)
220NIS (members)


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