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This event will take place at 5:00pm ISRAEL TIME (10:00AM EST). The event is dedicated לעלוי נשמת ר’ בנימין בן ר’ אפרים שלמה ז”ל. Please make sure to check out the grocery list below.

Zoom link:  Password: ouisrael

Grocery List – Please make sure you have these items on-hand for the event
חיטה – round cookies
שעורה- pearled barley -cooked
גפן wine or grape juice
תאנה dried figs
רימון peeled pomegranate
זית can or jar of olives
תמר dates (preferably majool)
האדמה peppers red or yellow
שהכל chocolate chips
A flat tray (cutting board, serving tray etc)


Bookings are closed for this event.